July 9, 2018

The Complete Resource Guide To Building A DIY Putting Green

Consider this:

You’re an avid golfer with a passion for the game and a nagging desire to constantly improve your putting skills.

But it’s not that easy!

First you need to find the time to practice. Then you need to actually get to a putting green, where you’ll finally have a chance to hone your skills.

For people who love golfing every chance they get, that’s simply not good enough.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Whether you need a readily accessible indoor putting green for those frigid Winter months, or a backyard putting green that saves you from driving to the course, you deserve an at-home practice solution that can save you time and money while you take strokes off your game.

Putting Green

​The 10 Greatest DIY Putting Green Guides

We’ve compiled the 10 best DIY putting green guides—5 outdoor and 5 indoor—and shared them here for your convenience.

Ready to improve your putting from the convenience of your own home?

Let’s get started!

How To Make A Putting Green: The Top 6 Outdoor Putting Green DIY Guides

It’s no secret:

Every serious golfer dreams of having a backyard putting green.

Can you imagine walking out of your back door, putter-in-hand, dropping a ball on a perfect green, and putting from the convenience of your own yard?

Well, as it turns out, it may not be as unattainable as you think.

Let’s check out the top guides:


Black and Decker

As a manufacturer of power tools, you wouldn’t think Black+Decker would be in the business of recommending tips for creating the ultimate outdoor putting green.

However, using their deep knowledge of the creative uses of their tools, Black+Decker provides a fantastic, actionable guide to creating an at-home, DIY putting green.


Want to get inspired?

This article from GolfDigest shows you how to build the ultimate outdoor putting putting green using real grass. Yes, real grass.

Mind you, it’s not the easiest option, but you may well become convinced that it’s the best way to go for the best possible realistic putting experience in your own backyard.

Artificial Grass Liquidators

Artificial Grass Liquidators offers a great DIY putting green guide, depending on your preference of materials.

They also offer some creative ideas for training games you can play once your putting green is up and running.

Pro Putt Systems

custom pro putt systems putting green

The Rolls Royce of outdoor DIY turf putting greens, Pro Putt Systems allows their clients to customize their putting green in pretty much any way they can imagine, from shape to size to breaks and contours in the platform of the green.

They provide the materials, all you need to do is have the space and an idea of what you want it to look like.

For those looking for off the shelf solutions, this is the way to go.

Tour Links

The Tour Links system also allows golfers to create at-home custom putting experiences. You could even create multiple holes, to increase and diversify the challenge every time you practice.

Tour Links provides the materials and can help with the plan, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to developing a custom putting green in your own backyard.


WikiHow provides us with a fantastic illustrated guide to creating a DIY outdoor putting green.

From information on conducting soil tests to instructions on determining the best grass types for a given region, this is one of the best and most comprehensive guides for the more serious DIYers out there.

How To Build A Putting Green: The Top 4 DIY Indoor Putting Green Guides

The obvious benefit to outdoor putting greens is the fact that you can practice out in the open with the elements, simulating a more genuine golfing experience.

But building an outdoor putting green tends to take a bit more work and ongoing maintenance than an indoor one—and an indoor putting green can be just as effective at helping you improve your game.

Here are the best resources and DIY guides for building an indoor putting green:

The Sand Trap

The Sand Trap

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to create a simple but extremely functional indoor putting green, look no further.

The Sand Trap’s detailed summary will have you putting in your basement like a pro in no time at all.

Where’s My Caddie?

This guide from Where’s My Caddie does a great job outlining every material you could possibly need in order to create a great indoor putting green.

It also provides helpful tips on how to put the putting green together—and even some advice for bringing the green outdoors and using it in conjunction with a patio heater during the colder months.


If you’re not looking to embark on a big hands-on project but still want to have a major say in customizing your indoor putting green, BirdieBall is the resource for you.

BirdieBall allows customers to customize a putting green to the exact specifications they prefer, from dimensions to green speed, and bumper and cup placement.

Michael Little Golf

Michael Little Golf

Michael Little is a PGA professional based in Philadelphia, and provides us with yet another excellent guide for developing a custom putting green indoors.

From advice on how to draw up plans to a comprehensive list of materials needed, as well as a detailed, step-by-step process—this guide is an excellent resource.

Done Building Your DIY Putting Green? Time To Practice!

Putting Green

A putting green is just a pretty patch of grass or turf if you don’t actually use it effectively to practice and improve your putting.

Without tools designed specifically to help you zero in on the minute details of your stroke and your putter’s impact with the ball, it can be difficult—even with an at-home putting green—to get rid of the yips and reduce your three putts.

Thankfully, we have a solution for that too:

Check out the CenterPutt HC5 Training Putter, and put that DIY putting green to good use.

Need some help with putting drills, or some general tips once you have your DIY putting green up and running?

Check out these 14 tips to become a better putter!

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