Is this a putter you can play with?

No, it is strictly a training putter.

How can this help when my playing putter is so different from the traditional, blade style HC5 putter?

A  solid putting stroke is a solid putting stroke regardless of the putter. The HC5 helps build good pace and tempo, creates muscle memory, and challenges you to hit the sweet spot consistently. All of this practice and improvement translates over to putting with your own putter.

Can the shaft length and grip size be custom ordered?

Yes. Simply choose whatever shaft length up to 38 inches and a standard, mid or over-sized grip at no extra cost. The standard length is 34 inches.

The weight of the HC5 training putter is different from my own putter. How can this help me when my own putter is heavier?

The weight of your own putter will feel better since it's one you chose and are used to. Practicing with a training putter that is more difficult, weighs different etc... will instill more confidence when you switch to your own putter.  It's not supposed to be easy. Imagine jogging in a pair of boots and then getting to slip on your running shoes!

How can practicing with the HC5 give me confidence or help cure the yips?

If someone can consistently make putts with the HC5 that only has a 5 mm wide sweet spot, it seems so much easier with your own putter. It's similar to practicing putting into a 3 inch wide putting cup and then changing to a regulation 4 1/4 inch cup. The perception and sense of confidence created is real.  It helps one focus on the contact and not the result.

Is the face of the putter lofted?

Yes. The sweet spot has a 3.5 degree loft.

What is the standard lie angle of the putter?

72 degrees.

What metal is the putter made of?

303 stainless steel - similar to many tour level putters.

How wide is the sweet spot that extends out from the putter face?

It is 5 millimeters or .197 inches.

Become a Better Putter

The CenterPutt HC5 Training Putter. A serious training putter for serious golfers.
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