How to Practice with CenterPutt

Begin putting on a flat putting surface no further than 2 feet from the hole. After you can consistently make 9 of 12 putts, move out another 6 or 12 inches. Continue moving further from the hole in either 6 or 12 inch increments until you feel confident making 9 of 12 putts from each distance.


When you can make 9 of 12 putts from 4 feet, you're on your way to lower scores! This will take practice. Only tour-level professionals and exceptional putters will practice beyond 4 feet.

Repeat! Practice sessions should include 12 putts from 4 feet with the CenterPutt HC5, then 12 putts with your own putter.

Pre-Round Warm Up

The CenterPutt HC5 trainer is a great tool to gain pre-round putting tempo and confidence from short distances. Practice from 2-3 feet ensuring you make every putt. Go to the first tee knowing you have a solid stroke.

Become a Better Putter

The CenterPutt HC5 Training Putter. A serious training putter for serious golfers.
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