August 31, 2018

The Top 50 Golf Resources for 2018

Recognizing the top blogs and resources in the world of golf. As the creators of a product that helps golfers dramatically improve their putting and take strokes off their game, we need to be extremely plugged into the golf community.


Because it’s important for us to understand the daily struggles of both novice and serious golfers so that we can continue to do our job: Helping people become better, more confident golfers.

We also know that golf aids aren’t the only solution for the ailing golfer. We all rely on tips, tricks, product reviews and words of wisdom in the golf community. It helps us improve and grow as golfers.

Only the best made the cut

There are thousands of blogs that discuss topics central to the world of golf, covering everything from putting tips to tour news and product reviews. Today, we’re focusing on the best of the best.

Through our research, we’ve identified 50 blogs that time and time again live up to the highest standards—providing valuable information and high quality content for the golf community.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or are just interested in learning more, these blogs will provide you with all of the information you need to succeed.

The Selection Criteria

Again, there are so many blogs in the golf industry, so we wanted to be more selective than just choosing the blogs with the largest social media followings.

Here are the primary factors we took into account:

  1. Overall quality
  2. Uniqueness and originality of the blog and it’s topics
  3. The useful and actionable nature of the content

If it’s a blog we love to read, it’s on here. Congratulations to our winners!

CenterPutt Best Golf Resources Logo

The Top 50 Golf Blogs and Resources for 2018: The Definitive List

In no particular order, here is a list of the highest quality, most well-rounded blogs in all of golf.

Wei Under Par Logo

Wei Under Par

Stephanie Wei, a golf broadcaster for Fox International Channels and an avid writer and blogger, runs Wei Under Par. With over 80 categories, there’s quality content on the site for just about anyone who’s passionate about golf or interested in learning more.

Make the Turn Logo

Make the Turn

Simply put, Make the Turn is one of the most comprehensive and useful blogs in all of golf. With helpful videos ranging from swing analysis to mindset exercises, paying close attention to this blog will help you become a better golfer.

Golf WRX Logo

Golf WRX

An excellent combination of professional golf news, product advice and instructional videos, Golf WRX has it all. You can choose between videos, articles and participation in the extremely popular forum.

Golf Peach Logo

Golf Peach

Golf Peach is run by a regular contributor to Golf Monthly, Lady Golfer Magazine and With some incredibly interesting musings and pieces of advice on all things golf, this blog is a must read.

Aussie Golfer Logo

Aussie Golfer

Aussie Golfer offers a combination of tour news, reviews and comedic videos. If you want a creative list of “off the beaten path” topics, this excellent blog from Australia will be one of your favorites.

Golf For Beginners

This blog has been up and running since 2005 and is still going strong with regular posts of extremely high quality. You’ll love the opinion pieces, the nitty gritty golf advice and the up-to-date news from the world of golf.

The Golfer Babe

The Golfer Babe offers a female perspective on the world of golf. A passionate amateur golfer, Amy graces us with fantastic articles about lifestyle, fitness, and travel as they pertain to golf. Don’t miss out on this blog!

Armchair Golf Blog Logo

Armchair Golf Blog

Neil Sagebiel is a long time golfer and a published author of two golf books. His blog graces us with creative, well-written articles pertinent to the world of golf, as well as golf advice and updated news.

Graceful Golfer

Armana and Anna, two friends professional golfers, run Graceful Golfer. Graceful Golfer is a great resource for a ladies perspective on the world of golf. From tips, to equipment reviews, news and golf course reviews, this blog has it all.

Golf Travel Guru

The Golf Travel Guru is a no-nonsense opinion blog that’s perfect for the often serious world of golf. It covers travel destinations, fashion advice and much more.

Buzza Golf Logo

Buzza Golf

Buzza Golf in another excellent golf YouTube channel. Buzza’s channel has actionable videos that provide great tips and tricks for improving your game. There seems to be a video for just about every golf question you could possibly have!

Adam Young Golf The Strike Plan Logo

Adam Young Golf - The Strike Plan

Adam Young is a golf expert who has also studied extensively in the fields of motor learning and brain function. His blog offers a unique take on improving your golf game, with countless resources to help you get better.

How to Break 80 Logo

How To Break 80

A one-stop shop for golf tips and drills, How To Break 80’s blog puts the training program to good use. With useful statistics and creative advice from seasoned experts, it’s a must-read blog.

Alex Elliott Golf

Alex Elliott is a PGA Pro and ex caddy who uses knowledge from his multifaceted experience in the world of golf to create extremely useful videos. His YouTube channel, Alex Elliott Golf is chock full of excellent advice and actionable tips.

Not the Golf Show Podcast Logo

Not The Golf Show

Not the Golf Show is an excellent podcast by two passionate golfers that covers all things golf. The site also operates a high-quality blog with golf news.

Peter Finch Golf Logo

Peter Finch Golf

Peter Finch’s YouTube channel has it all. Check out the in depth reviews before you purchase your next set of clubs, and take the videos with you to the driving range and putting green. This channel will help you become a better golfer.

Rick Shiels Golf Logo

Rick Shiels Golf

Rick Shiels’ YouTube channel is a combination of golf advice, equipment reviews, challenges and comprehensive guides. You could spend days on here learning how to improve your game

Top 100 Golf

An account from a golfer who has played the top 100 golf courses in the world. What a lucky guy! Curious about one of the top 100 courses? This blog has a first hand review.

UK Golf Guy

UK Golf Guy is one of the definitive sources for golf course reviews around the world. With a custom rating system and a comprehensive analysis on each course, stop here before you venture on your next golf trip.

Hitting the Green Logo

Hitting the Green

A great resource for golf equipment reviews, but so much more as well! Hitting the Green also offers excellent content in the fields of golf fitness and general golf tips. A must read for any golfer.

The Hackers Paradise Logo

The Hackers Paradise

The Hackers Paradise is an excellent resource for golf equipment reviews and advice. If you’re looking to purchase new golf equipment, this should be one of your required stops before you make a purchase.

Golf and Course Logo

Golf and Course

Golf And Course has it all. Ranging from excellent news coverage to golf tips and gift advice, there is absolutely nothing stopping this golf from being a perennial favorite of every type of golfer. It even has in-depth video reviews of golf apps!

Your Golf Travel Logo

Your Golf Travel

Your Golf Travel provides up to date news on major tours as well as information on the most prominent professional golfers. In addition, it reviews courses from all around the world. Keep this blog on your radar.

American Golf Logo

American Golf

American Golf never ceases to impress. It’s the specificity and relatability of the content that has us coming back for more. Who hasn’t lost one too many golf balls or had trouble with hooks and slices? American Golf has a solution to the most common issues people encounter playing golf.

Golf Dash Logo

Golf Dash

Golf Dash is a great blog and podcast focusing on helping golfers improve their performance using every method possible. From psychological to physical aspects of the game, Golf Dash will help you find ways to improve. Logo, particularly the “Instruction” section, is a one stop resource for all things related to golf learning. If there is an aspect of your game you want to improve, or even if you don’t know where to start, this is the place for you.

Byron Kalies

Byron Kalies is one of the best and most creative golf writers out there. Kalies’ passion for golf is extremely evident in his descriptions of courses, recaps of tournaments and across all of his articles.

Golf Girl's Diary Logo

Golf Girl's Diary

Patricia Hannigan runs The Golf Girl’s Diary, an excellent golf blog that offers a female perspective on the world of golf. For golf travel tips and fashion advice, look no further.

Birdieable Logo


Birdeable offers excellent golf tips on both the mental and physical aspects of golf. The blog also provides reviews and advice of golf courses around the world, as well as thorough equipment reviews.

Hitting It Solid Logo

Hitting It Solid

Pitched as “Simple swing fixes for weekend golfers,” Troy Vayanos’ Hitting it Solid provides just that, along with a plethora of other great advice. The website also provides free videos, and a downloadable step-by-step guide to lowering golf scores.

Golf Assessor Logo

Golf Assessor

Golf Assessor is exactly what it sounds like: A leading site for golf equipment news and reviews. Whether you’re an avid golfer or a beginner, you should hop on over to this site before you make your next big purchase.

The Golf Ball Guy

The Golf Ball Guy

Similar to Golf Assessor, The Golf Ball Guy provides excellent information on golf balls and clubs. It’s a great, specialized resource to take a serious look at before investing in new equipment.

Niche Golf Logo

Niche Golf

Niche Golf lives up to its name. It has great information on just about anything golf related that you can imagine. From golf tips and tricks to information on equipment and even some think pieces, Niche Golf will have you coming back for more.

Golf Channel Logo

Golf Channel

The Golf Channel is one of the definitive resources in the world of golf. When it comes to professional golf news, scores and video footage, it’s difficult to find a better resource. The Golf Channel also includes a comprehensive Instruction section for golfers who are seeking to improve their game—which should be just about everyone, right?

Practical Golf Logo

Practical Golf

Practical Golf is another golf blog with an excellent combination of content types. From in depth product reviews to advice on specific courses and events, Practical Golf is sure to add value to your golfing life.

The Daily Tee Logo

The Daily Tee

The Daily Tee is second to none when it comes to shedding light on the best golf courses across the world. Check out this excellent resource from Golf Now.

Golf News Logo

Golf News

Similar to The Golf Channel, Golf News is one of the foremost sources of professional golf news, scores and video footage. Golf News also provides access to great interviews with professional golfers.

Global Golf Post Logo

Global Golf Post

The Global Golf Post is a digital magazine, delivered overnight Sunday, 48 weeks per year, to a global audience of passionate golfers. Use this great resource for up-to-date news on professional and amateur golfers.

GolfTec Scramble

GolfTec Scramble is combination of excellent blog and video content providing golf tips as well as golf equipment reviews. You will enjoy the in-depth nature of the instruction pieces and the hands-on equipment review videos.

Global Golf Logo

Global Golf

Global Golf has a little bit of everything golf related. Ranging from equipment reviews to golf instruction, apparel and travel advice, it’s a fantastic one stop shop for the avid golfer.

Three Golf Guys Logo

Three Guys Golf

Three Guys Golf is a well-designed and well-managed blog that touches on just about every topic in the world of golf. From interviews to reviews and in-depth training advice, this blog has it all.

Tour Golf Blog

Tour golf blog provides up-to-date news content and opinion pieces across the world of golf. A great blog to check out if you have any interest in professional golf.

The Sand Trap Logo

The Sand Trap

The Sand Trap may just be your new golf home. It’s one of the best online communities in the world of golf, with active threads covering just about every single topic you can think of. Have fun!

Hooked On Golf Logo

Hooked on Golf

Another excellent resource for golf equipment reviews, apparel, and travel advice, Hooked On Golf will have you hooked in no time.

Golf Stinks Logo

Golf Stinks

Golf Stinks is a great safe haven for the common golfer. It has equipment reviews, resource guides and opinion pieces that any golfer will love reading.


Flagstick leads the way with up-to-date equipment news as well as news on professional golfers and impressively comprehensive international tour news.

Consistent Golf Logo

Consistent Golf

Consistent Golf helps “once-a-week golfers” improve their scores. Providing in depth tips, swing analysis, and new perspectives readers can use to analyze their performance, this blog is a can’t miss for any golfer seeking to improve.

Bunkers Paradise Logo

Bunkers Paradise

Sneakily one of the best and most comprehensive golf resources out there, Bunker’s paradise isn’t missing anything. With prompt news, detailed equipment reviews and golf advice and tips, there’s something for everyone.

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