Become a better putter

A serious training putter for serious golfers.
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The Centerputt Hc5 Training putter

All PGA professionals stress the importance of consistently striking the ball on the sweet spot of the putter, but where is it? The CenterPutt HC5 enhances the sweet spot, extending it out slightly from the face and tapering back on each side, causing immediate and distinct feedback from poor strokes.

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Create muscle memory and better tempo

The key to consistently roll the ball better. Trying to find the right putter, the best feeling grip, and confidence over the ball is a never ending challenge for golfers of all skill levels. Regardless what putter or grip you use, building muscle memory and consistently putting a solid stroke on the ball is key to rolling the ball better. ​​

A Simple Cure for Nasty Yips

Regain confidence and trust your stroke. Most golfers have seriously struggled with their putting at some point. It's not fun and once players start putting with fear, yips can develop. Follow our recommended practice program. The CenterPutt HC5 will help you focus on the process, not results. Practice with CenterPutt HC5 and regain confidence with your own putter.

Build a Better Stroke

Make practice sessions count. The CenterPutt HC5 provides distinct and immediate feedback when contact is not made with the sweet spot. Don't spend time on the practice green ingraining a poor putting stroke. The HC5 training putter forces golfers to make solid contact and create a better stroke.

Build Confidence

​A solid stroke works with any putter. If you can putt well with The CenterPutt HC5 trainer, you can use your putter, whatever model, grip, or technique is your preference, and have more confidence. CenterPutt training system forces golfers to make contact with a very small "sweet spot" of the putter face and roll the ball on the intended line - a critical piece to exceptional putting.

Improve your Statistics With Short Putts

No more three putts. To effectively practice with the HC5 training putter, the recommended distance is within four feet of the cup. The CenterPutt HC5 training putter especially builds confidence and improves performance from short distances.

Become a Better Putter

The CenterPutt HC5 Training Putter. A serious training putter for serious golfers.
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